Wear-Resist Quick Set


Wear Resist Quick Set is suited to those environments where time is of the essence.

Original packing size per carton box contain 2 tubs of 7kgs of Part A and 2 bottles of 250ml Part B.

Wear Resist Quick Set Part A is supplied in a 4 litre (1 gallon approx) pail and is supplied ready to mix in the liquid hardener for on-site application. The hardener is supplied in a graduated container so if the complete kit is not required, the hardener can be proportioned accordingly. The liquid hardener Part B contains a white dye. This is an indicator so that it is easy to see that all the hardener is evenly dispersed when combined with the Part A.

The prepared, Wear Resist Quick Set has a working time (pot life) of approximately 20 minutes of the catalyst being added and thoroughly mixed. This is based on a temperature of 23°C. Wear Resist Quick Set cannot be used in temperatures less than 15°C (60°F). The curing time is 24 Hours at 23°C, for optimum performance.

Wear Resist Quick Set delivers the same quality result as the Standard Set product without the wait!

Caution: Wear Resist is a Dangerous Goods – Class 8 (Corrosive) and requires transport considerations


  • Chutes and surfaces worn by sliding abrasion
  • Launders and pipes worn by abrasive slurries
  • Chutes where moderate impact is present
  • Elbows and tee junctions in slurry lines
  • Paste backfill applications
  • Pump casing repairs
  • Any surface where sliding abrasion with light impact has caused wear

Some WEAR-RESIST Quick Set customer benefits:

  • Combines the hard wearing properties of a ceramic with the flexible installation properties of epoxy
  • Propriety wear resistant bead ( 9 mohs hardness) blended to a minimum 70% concentration assures superior wear resistance characteristics
  • Fast application and cure rate 30 minutes for standard set and 15 minutes for quick set allows for quick equipment turnaround with minimum down time
  • Cost effective wear protection for broad areas: coverage – 7kg covers 0.55m2 to 6mm thick
  • 2 year minimum if unopened
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